Google Summer of Code 2013- Accepted!

Google Summer of Code is a program that helps people to contribute to Open-Source projects.

I will be working on “Image Quality Sorter” for digiKam (KDE) this summer. It aims to categorize pictures based on quality – taking into consideration, the various properties of a picture. Here’s my proposal:

I am grateful to all those who have helped me, particularly Gilles Caulier.

I hope to successfully complete my project and release it as soon as possible.

My First Patch

I just finished resolving an issue in DigiKam. I replaced a library with a better one.In the process, I learned a lot.

I learnt how and how not to use Git, how CMake actually works and ability to modify makefiles, got a basic idea of how image processing works, and have seen a real-world application of LU Decomposition.

Open Source allows me to do whatever I want with the software, and helps me understand how everything actually works under the hood. I hope to become a regular contributor to it, and learn a lot in the process.